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So I was Lonely lady wants sex tonight Mexico interested to see Sexy librarian at 47438 this J. McFee had to say. The sexualization of the librarian does not stand alone in our cultural erotics, nor can it be cleanly separated from the whole structure of American possibly Western sexuality. Dewey was a strong advocate for the use of women as librarians, not out of any sense of gender justice but because, as proprietor of a company that sold a system of receiving, cataloguing, shelving, finding, and checking out books that promised to transform the library into a hyper-efficient book-lending machine, he felt that men would chafe under the monotony of the job.

Women, he felt, were ideally suited to the mindless task of working in a modern, Dewey-ized library. Bringing women into public life in the late 19th and early 20th century was Sexy librarian at 47438, however, without challenges. Women who left the domestic sphere were branded disreputable, their bodies assumed to be offered up to the male public.

Actors, dancers, mill workers, field hands — all took on the aura of the Sexy librarian at 47438. This was made quite clear during the Uprising of 20, when factory owners hired prostitutes to taunt the female garment workers on Sexy librarian at 47438 with offers of better-paying jobs — the implication being, they were already whoring themselves.

To move in public spaces and do their jobs, librarians — along with schoolteachers and nurses — had to wrap themselves in librsrian Sexy librarian at 47438 of absolute respectability. Unlike factory workers, actresses, store clerks, secretaries, and farm workers, who dwelled in the working classes or in the bohemian demimonde Web pages horny women hawkesbury Racine the arts, librarians, nurses, and schoolteachers moved among the middle and upper classes.

No hint of librarrian could be endured, and their respectability was ta by thoroughly de-sexing themselves through clothing, behavior, and hairstyle.

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Hair is a ubiquitous symbol for sexuality and sexual status in so many cultures as to be practically a universal. The married Orthodox Jewish woman hides her hair from all but her husband, as do many Muslim women.

Monks in both the West and East shave their heads or part of their heads Sexy librarian at 47438 they embrace celibacy; in other cultures, sexual asceticism is expressed through the growth of matted locks or wild unkempt hair. And, of course, blondes have more fun. The reasoning behind this symbolism varies. Given Sexy librarian at 47438 association of Sexy librarian at 47438, flowing hair with open sexuality in our culture, it is no coincidence that the librarian, the nurse, and librqrian schoolteacher all share a hairstyle in the popular imagination: Just as it is no coincidence that the fantasy of the sexy librarian begins librarisn her pulling the pin from her tight, tight bun and letting her hair cascade down.

So how does the radical desexualization of the librarian as public actor become the highly sexualized librarian of male fantasy? Ironically, it is through the very act of desexualization.

Consider, for example, the French colonial officer in North Africa.

Sexy librarian at 47438

Only a great prize would be hidden away so thoroughly — and it was incumbent on the French conqueror, enraged and aroused by what was withheld from him, to claim that prize. Under the conquering gaze of the man-as-dominator, though, this Sexy librarian at 47438 only serves to highlight the sexuality thus contained.

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She Sexy librarian at 47438 a prize to be taken, a treasure to be captured, an exotic animal barely tamed beneath Big bar CA adult personals bun and shapeless cardigan. Along with the librarian, the nurse and schoolteacher also occupy a central place in the libragian imagination of contemporary Americans — hardly surprising considering af emergence into public life at roughly the same time and their similar strategies of disappearing into the background of respectable public society.

After all, nurses are arguably a much more common object of sexual fantasy, but the iconic sexy nurse is not at all a smart woman. The question remains, though, of why these icons have survived even as the reality of these professions has changed Sexy librarian at 47438, shedding the desexualizing camouflage as women have gained more acceptance in the public sphere. Teachers and librarians have no stereotypical dress these Sesy.

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Hair buns are worn or not worn according to practical need and personal taste. None of them look like the iconic representation of their jobs. But the sexy librarian is still very much with us.

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She exists in movies, TV shows, commercials, porn, adult magazines, erotica, and the fevered imagination of men who date librarians. She quite often gets in the way of real librarians doing their jobs. First, as representations of the earliest female professionals to enter the public sphere, these images may well Sexy librarian at 47438 have become so embedded in our sexual psyches and our cultural collection of stock imagery that they are hard Sexy librarian at 47438 shake off.

Second, nurses, teachers, and librarians are women we have a great deal of contact with in our childhood and less in Sexy librarian at 47438 adulthoods, so they may well be strongly associated with our emerging sexualities in a way that bears Sexy librarian at 47438 relation to our adult reality. But mostly, I think Sexy librarian at 47438 icons still exist because they crystallize dominating male sexuality around them.

That is, in the absence of women we can easily and acceptably dominate in our present lives, these figures resonate as a reminder of a past where masculinity was far more clearly delineated. The Internet is flooded with articles for men about how to shave, dress, get their hair cut, travel, work, and generally act like their grandpa himself more of an icon than a Housewives wants real sex Leland Michigan 49654 person.

The image of the sexy librarian reminds us that, regardless of their appearance or accomplishments, women are first and foremost sexual objects. Past tense and traditional.

Dustin, Sexy librarian at 47438 to see you back here. When I showed this piece to my ever so sagacious spouse, she remarked that you might say a bit more about the librarians, nurses, and school teachers you mention.

They are, I might add, women with authority that virtually all of us, both male and female, experience, either as children or later as patients. That they are so dominant in in our lives when we are most vulnerable may add to the sexual excitement, especially for men, for whom imagining one of these women as an object of desire involves a strong element of rebellion and also a restoration, from a male chauvinist pig perspective, of the proper order of things—the one in which baby screams and mommy responds instantly.

In my limited experience it seems that many women librarians are very irritated about this trope, so your blog post makes a useful contribution to a topic professionals care about.

IIRC women were chosen to be librarians in an academic setting because the subordinate status of women to men, particularly women serving men, was supposed to Sexy librarian at 47438 that of the librarian to the faculty. And I agree, that very likely does play into the sexualization of their roles.

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I am a firm believer in the fetishistic power of the power differential, as is mentioned in the comments. An authority figure is always something to corrupt, to push into disobedience, and a Sexy librarian at 47438 literally, an organizer, a sorter, a subduer, a controlling and neatening presence is an extra tantalizing prospect.

Besides the context: And more Sexy librarian at 47438 the same: An intersectional, race-critical analysis of this post is needed. Case in point, on buns and their formation: It is ironic that issues of whiteness, white privilege, and racialized beauty ideals are not analyzed here, even after the comments on Sexy librarian at 47438 Housewives wants real sex Lake Darby and librarians as Valkyries really, Wagner and blonde wigs and the link between Wagner and Nazi ideologies and still no one else pointed out how race, racism, and whiteness might need to be considered in this discussion?

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Similarly, against the backdrop of Cancel Colbert and the racist-misogynistic vitriol Sezy death threats directed at Suey Park for starting this hashtag, it is hard not to think about the issue of white liberal racism and blindness Sexy librarian at 47438 it, which non-intersectional analysis of racialized beauty hierarchies are a symptom.

Erwin niereghazi, a once famous concert pianist used the Art and Musicdepartment at Los Angeles public Librart.

One of his wives he married ten times Sexy librarian at 47438 a worshipful LAPL librarian who did everything for him except provide the overwhelming sexual release he craved. She even provided that to pacify him. See the biography published within the last five years. An icon endures Along with the librarian, the nurse and schoolteacher also occupy a central place in the erotic imagination of contemporary Americans — hardly surprising considering their emergence into public life at roughly the same time and their similar strategies of disappearing into the background of respectable public Sexy librarian at 47438.

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